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Richard Tucker - March 8th 1960 - 30th October 2022

A Collection of photographs from the archives reflecting on Richards life.

Richard was born in Stonehouse. Gloucestershire on March 8th 1960 where his journey didn’t have the best of starts, he had endured several complications at birth affecting his health and vision, and over the first years of his life he received various treatments, it wasn’t long before he took on the challenge of life, despite the setbacks during childhood and limiting his time in education he proved you could still live a fruitful life and achieve anything you set your mind to. It was unfortunate when he had his pushbike accident arguing with a milk float and breaking his leg very badly requiring him to be in hospital for many months in traction, but this didn’t deter him, and he was quickly back to work looking for his next adventure. In his younger days he would spend a great deal of time travelling around to various family members, he would always be present at family gatherings and days out, there were many times when Richard would call into several family members in a single day or mainly on Sunday and enjoy many roast dinners along the way! Richard loved his food and he didn’t care what anybody thought, it was his treat he would say. Richard created some amazing memories with family and friends, many cherished memories of joy and laughter were created and will never be forgotten, his spirit and memories will live on in everyone who had the pleasure of his company. Richard was never one to shy away from hard work, during his early days he worked incredibly hard to achieve a great deal, this level of dedication and commitment to his work ethic produced many opportunities which ultimately led him to his dream location of Ireland. Richard was involved in many things but the one that brought great pleasure was the days of building a mobile roadshow, it started from a few bits acquired along the way and before you know it, we were out on the road making his presence known. With a large family, Richard spent a lot of time with various members and was always determined to keep up and do what the others were doing from work to social life, Richard really didn’t hold back and despite the challenges was incredibly determined to make something of his life, his work and travels found him in Ireland and it is from here he found purpose and his belonging. Ireland was just so right for Richard in so many ways and he flourished in every way with an amazing family, a network of friends, his own very successful business and everything he ever dreamed of or wanted, especially his Church which has given him so much strength and purpose he has been an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of knowing him.

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