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A Little Bit About Me

Life is strange, we are strange and some people are lucky and some are just unfortunate, my story is long and tangled due to many variables outside of my control but the main thing I want to tell you is how I find myself here today with a site now dedicated to photography and I am doing something I love, it just took 50 years to realise it!

I am very particular I would have to admit that whilst not totally obsessive I do suffer from a degree of OCD and I love things to be perfect, what ever that is!! 

As a boy growing up I was very interested in photography, the mechanics of it, and how it worked. I took a keen interest in the development of photos and the equipment available at the time, I made my own pinhole camera and developed the photos using equipment at the local school.

I loved taking photos, exploring the creative side of what could be achieved with basic cameras.
My first camera was found at a rubbish dump, a Kodak browning which used 126 24 shot 200iso cassettes.

When I started work and earning money one of my first purchases was a basic 35mm camera, I was seventeen and I started using colour film with a Zenith SLR kit camera from Russia, it was like something out of a James Bond movie which would make people look if I took the case and complete sniper kit out with me.

What an amazing way to learn the mechanics of photography, every single setting on the body and lens was made manually including the manual focus, getting any moving images in perfect focus was really a stroke of luck.

The link on the right takes you to a presentation I put together for the photography club I run, this gives a full description of my journey and how I find myself here today.

The journey is still continuing and I am looking forward to the future and adventures that photography takes you on.

I am currently shooting with Canon equipment after many years with Nikon and a recent upgrade tempted me to swap sides,  now I use the Canon bodies with a collection of their lenses from the prime 35mm, 16mm ~ 35mm f2.8 and the wonderful 70mm ~ 200mm f2.8 plus more, the switch over has allowed me to further expand on my creative side and advance my knowledge and understanding of photography.
If you have an idea, would like to get creative or simply would like to arrange a photo shoot please get in touch. 

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